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We do things slightly differently to your average gym. Our main aim with all of our clients is to ensure all round well being, it is not about just burning the calories. We offer kinetic chain assessment, assisted stretching for better mobility, and trigger point release techniques. This combination of stretching, massage and corrective techniques can help you recover from injury, prevent it or just help you reach your fitness goals. We want to ensure each client starts their journey towards a positive lifestyle and knows how to sustain it.

mORE THAN A GYM - part of a club

Young or old, fit or unfit, everyone is welcome at Positive Lifestyle. We offer something a little different to your usual exercise experience. No longer will you just be a face in the crowd - we care about our members and do all we can to help you get the most out of each and every visit.

Friendly, welcoming, knowledgable, enthusiastic, team! Great classes and excellent advice & encouragement from all. Special thanks to Neil for his sports therapy sessions with my daughter Emily, sorting out the mess that is her knees, whilst sneakily testing her on her Sports Exercise Science Degree knowledge! From having to stop participating in sport due to much knee discomfort, she's now swimming with Chichester University!
Clare White
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We offer a range of different therapies and training programs to get you in top condition. Our bespoke fitness plans deliver real results with guidance at every stage from an experienced and passionate team.